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The Relationship Reboot™Couples Workshop - For more information, dates and registration


OMG You Have Crashed! Calling Tech Support for Love

The Top Three Relationship Viruses
Why You Are Frozen in Relationship Cyberspace
Becoming a Search Engine for Solutions
Creating a New Mainframe
Love Squad to the Rescue: Fixing Crashes
Love Bytes: The Threee Most Important Little Words
Point and Click
Cutting and Pasting
Friend Me Please
LOL: Updating your Software
Five Hits a Day
Uploading and Downloading: Rebooting your Sex Life
Rebooting for Life

Seminars, Training and Consultation

Dr. Castaldo brings an interesting mix of personal and professional experience, humor, and an interactive style to the numerous professional and personal growth seminars she presents. She has worked with such clients as Chase Bank, Raytheon, Becton Dickinson, The New York City Department of Mental Health, Noevir International, Inc, New York Presbyterian Hospital, Cornell Medical Center, The New Jersey State Police, Robert Wood Johnson Medical Center, The National Foster Parent Association, the Child Welfare League of America, Columbia University, Rutgers University, and the Psychotherapy Networker.

She has extensive workshop design experience, and is available for consultation in the areas of team building, strategic planning, and performance improvement. Here is a sampling of her available workshops:


Maintaining Your Authentic Self in a Chaotic World
Fear, Failure, and Frustration: The Keys to Success
The Break Up Survival Seminar

Management and Supervisory Skills:

Burnout Busting! Stress Management in the Workplace
Gold Medal Winners! Building Championship Teams
Taming the Beast: Dealing with Difficult People
Harmony or Bust! Assertiveness in the Workplace
The Golden Rule: Excellence in Customer Service
From Warring to Winning: Conflict Resolution
In Search of Excellence: Best Practices Management
Cheerleading for Success: Mentoring for Excellence

Solution Focused Series:

This Way Up! Solution focused Management
Solution Focused Coaching
Solution Focused Strategic Planning

Training and Facilitation:

Use Em or Lose Em: Creative Training Techniques
Chaos No More: Effective Meeting and Group Facilitation